Intruding on Wynne’s morning jog to talk budget, youth jobs

Watch above: Alan Carter tries to keep up with Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne on a morning jog while asking questions about her election platform.

TORONTO  – Getting one-on-one access to the premier of Ontario can be tough – especially during an election campaign.

Global News reporter Alan Carter decided invite himself on one of her famous morning runs to ask her some questions.

He waited along her route with a GoPro before stepping out and joining her on the run.

Carter confronted Wynne about the budget, possible cuts and her strategy for youth jobs.

“We know that we have to continue to constrain our spending, we’ve made it clear that there’s no new money in the budget for increased wages, salaries,” she said when asked about meeting 2017/2018 deficit targets.

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Carter also asked about the possibility of severe cuts just to meet those deficit targets, to which Wynne replied they are already running a “lean” government.

“We’re the leanest per capita government in spending in the country and we will continue to be that.”

And asked about her strategy for tackling the youth unemployment in Ontario which was recently pegged at 16.9 per cent, Wynne touted her government’s strategy (which was influenced by NDP demands and released in the 2013 budget).

“We have got a youth jobs strategy that has already provided 11,000 jobs for young people, so we’re very actively on that, and we’ll continue to provide those jobs for young people,” she said.