High gas prices puts bus program for children with disabilities in jeopardy

VANCOUVER – A charitable program that can be a godsend for children with disabilities and their families is in trouble.

The ‘Care Cruiser’ program, run by The Shriners, transports children with disabilities to Vancouver health care facilities from cities and towns across B.C.

But now the program is under threat from high gas prices.

The program consists of four large buses, a shuttle service and a smaller van and all these are specifically modified to handle wheelchairs, stretchers and anything else a young family might need.

For families that cannot afford to hire a specialized vehicle The Shriners will transport the children and their families for free throughout the province.

However, public donations are not keeping up with the rising cost of fuel.

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“We’re looking at the fact that there are going to be people that very possibly we’re going to have to turn down for certain trips on certain days because we’re just not going to be able to have a route being serviced that particular day,” said a spokesperson.

“So for a lot of those people, those without vehicles, it’s a matter of going on Greyhound, so that’s difficult for them. Greyhound’s a great service but it’s not a service that’s set up to accommodate kids in wheelchairs that much.”

To donate to the program, visit The Shriners website.