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BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 14

In Saskatoon Style, some quick ways to make a ponytail while still looking fashionable.

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What do ponytails, grilled cheese sandwiches, electronic recycling and Saskatoon police Chief Clive Weighill have in common? All were on the Morning News for Monday, April 14.

Jessica learns to get creative when making a ponytail

Lately I’ve been very into throwing my hair up in a pony tail and heading out for the afternoon or evening. This is something you would have never seen me do before.

This segment showed me different ways to put your hair up, other than the classic ponytail, or ‘top knot’.

For a ‘how-to’ guide on creating the perfect pony, visit www.therooster.ca.

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Chief Weighill and Kevin discuss some of the issues facing Saskatoon police

Firstly, the airplane situation. 4,000 feet, if maintained, is far above a level that should offer a complaint. I’m basing this on experience in a single-engine helicopter (and it’s a single engine plane, so it warrants SOME comparison).

We flew at 1,900 feet, and my sister would, upon me passing over the house, still not hear anything; at least, not enough to warrant that she’d heard me! Now, that’s not to say it can’t be heard, but the reports that I read called for pictures shaking.

That seems a little much for me. These complaints came from Nutana, where I live. Again, I’m not feeling it!

Secondly, the increased costs to major events as security presence increases with proper police officers.

Chief Weighill said it best: “You can’t put a price on safety.” Of course, these costs come back to us, the customer. A major event will have a couple of revenue streams, at least.

I can’t speak for you, reader, but I’m okay with paying a little bit more for a meal. You really can’t put a price on safety.

Melissa learns how old electronics are getting a second chance at life

Instead of letting your old electronics collect dust while stored away in your home why not donated it so it may get a second chance at life.

There are people in our community that may not be able to afford a computer or television but may be able to make use of a secondhand one. That’s what the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is trying to do.

They are trying to make the best use of any electronics that may not be of use in a household. The not-for-profit group donates computers at no charge to local schools, charities, non-profit groups and other community based organizations.

While there may be fear of sensitive data being recovered from old equipment, the ERA does its hardware wiping in house to make sure any fear is eliminated.

The new facility is still in the middle of renovations however it officially opens its door today.

Kevin looks to sink his teeth into this grilled cheese sandwich whipped up by Thomas at Wild Cuisine Catering

April is grilled cheese month and Kevin heads down to Wild Cuisine Catering at the Farmer’s Market where Thomas Brown makes a different variation of the sandwich.

Jessica and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News

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