Plans for new race track near Calgary pick up speed

CALGARY- A plan to replace a local race car course is picking up speed.

Race City Speedway closed nearly three years ago, and now there are talks for Rockyview Motorsports Park to offer a four-kilometre track. It would be designed by the same company that builds nearly all of the world’s Formula One tracks.

There would also be a safety driving course, indoor and outdoor cart facilities and a car condo.

“There’s a much bigger focus on safety for the public, putting sport in an environment that is safe for it on a track that’s properly designed,” explains Dominic Young, president of Rockyview Motorsports Park. “We are planning a user [group] facility, so it’s not going to have a massive crowd coming out on a regular basis.”

The Calgary Police Service could be one of the groups to benefit from it, by using the space to train officers.

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“We have outgrown the current track which is limited in size and training ability, and has been there for a number of years,” says Kevin Brookwell from the Calgary Police Service. “This is just a cost effective way to get a business need looked after, without us having to put a whole lot of capital money into it.”

The $70 million facility is just northeast of Airdrie, but the project still needs to be approved by the county. Developers hope to start construction next spring and open by the end of 2015.