Quebec Liberals promise more jobs

MONTREAL – The promises are starting to flow thick and fast in the Quebec election campaign.

Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard is pledging to create 250,000 jobs in Quebec over the next five years.

His predecessor as Liberal leader, Jean Charest, made a similar promise during the 2012 campaign.

The Coalition for Quebec’s Future, meanwhile, is promising to give families a break of $1,000 by 2017-18 by gradually abolishing a health tax and a school tax.

Leader Francois Legault says families with income below $45,000 will no longer pay the health tax as of 2014-15 and that no families will pay the tax as of the following year.

Today is Day 2 of the election campaign leading to the April 7 vote.

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Couillard made his job announcement in Montreal on Thursday as he trotted out three candidates with an economic background.

They include Carlos Leitao, who was chief economist with the Laurentian Bank until announcing his candidacy.

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