NDP weighing in on urban drilling project

It seems the issue of fracking within city limits is not going away anytime soon for Lethbridge residents.

In fact, as more information become available on Goldenkey Oil’s plans, the bigger the fight against it becomes.

The Alberta NDP says the province sold land out from underneath about 10, 000 West side residents, and now the party is requesting all documents relating to the mineral lease sale.

Lethbridge NDP spokesperson Shannon Phillips says they’re not opposed to oil and gas development, as long as it’s in the public interest.

“This has a really significant impact on people’s property values,” said Phillips. “When people bought homes in Copperwood, Paradise Canyon or Riverstone, they did so for a quiet place to raise their families. Not to have a dangerous goods route or flare stacks or an industrial development in their backyard.”

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“This will have an impact on how much their homes are worth, should these exploratory well yield applications for more drilling within Lethbridge city limits.”

The NDP has previously voiced its formal opposition to the urban drilling project in Lethbridge in the interest of public safety.

Volunteer based group “No Drilling Lethbridge” has several organized protests coming up in the next few days.

The ‘Black Spots’ campaign meet in public locations, and citizens are encouraged to attend to protests wearing black clothing.

Protestors will be at the following locations from 4:00-5:00 p.m weather permitting:

  • Wednesday, January 29 and February 5 on Whoop Up Dr. W. (SW corner of intersection with McMaster Blvd.)
  • Thursday, January 30 and February 7 at the Civic Centre Field
  • Friday, January 31 and February 7 at Galt Gardens
  • Saturday, February 1 and February 8 at Adams Park

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