Budget 2024, by the numbers: Here’s how spending is being divvied up

WATCH: Federal government tables 2024 budget, plus reaction and analysis

Here are some key numbers from the Liberal government’s federal budget:

$535 billion: Total government spending for the 2024-25 financial year.

$39.8 billion: The total deficit, just shy of the $40-billion projection in the fall economic statement.

$11.5 billion: The amount of new spending this year.

$8.5 billion: What’s being spent to spur new housing.

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3.87 million: The number of new homes the government says its housing plan will get built by 2031.

$2.6 billion: What the Liberals say will go towards “generational fairness” to ease education costs and create new job opportunities for younger Canadians.

$19.4 billion: The amount of revenue Ottawa expects to get from five years of targeted changes to capital gains taxes.

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$1.5 billion: The five-year cost of universal coverage of contraceptives and diabetes medicine and supplies over the next five years.

$1.7 billion: What Ottawa thinks it will get in five years from an increase to the excise tax rates for tobacco products.

$8.1 billion: The boost to Canada’s defence budget over the next five years.

1.76: The percentage of GDP that defence spending will account for by 2030, still shy of the two per cent NATO target.

50: The number of times the word “fairness” appears in the budget document.

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