Teacher, group of moms team up to knit 500 toques and scarves for inner-city kids

A warm gift over the holidays goes a long way.

That’s the thought of a Surrey teacher who has teamed up with her family to knit 500 toques and scarves for inner city students in her district.

“I think our goal will be the same, about 500 pieces that is what we can do,” says teacher Sandra Ball.

They have been knitting for inter-city kids for two years now and this week a Surrey teacher, her mom and sister have lifted the spirits of an entire school with their woolen gifts to help keep some under privileged children warm this winter.

“We were knitting things already and we decided to put our collective efforts together to keep some of the those kids warm this winter,” says Ball.

The knitting Moms have outfitted every child at Hjorth Road Elementary.

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They are collectively giving thousands of hours of their own time throughout the year to produce close to 500 warm woolen toques and scarves for some very grateful kids.

The gifts came as a total surprise for everyone at a Surrey’s poorest school

“It was the first cold snap when they arrived — it was perfect timing — some of families are new to Canada and are not ready for our weather,” says teacher Annie Craig.

“For me it brings back the memories of what I had as a kid — the warm homemade toque and scarf — it’s what we all had growing up and they get to experience that,” says Andy Zadeiks, Hjorth Road Elementary School Principal.

The students have made a poster to honour the knitting moms, their way of saying thanks.

“It was a good feeling when we left that school, we felt we had done something good to help make someones winter Christmas happier,” says Ball.

The Moms are already knitting for next Christmas hoping to warm young hearts in another Surrey school.

Credit: Brian Coxford, Global News.
Credit: Brian Coxford, Global News.
Credit: Brian Coxford, Global News.

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