WATCH: Mayor Rob Ford busts a move at West Toronto Church

TORONTO – Yet another video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has appeared on the internet and this time it is of a religious nature.

The mayor is seen dancing up a storm in front of a choir at the West Toronto Church of God located in North York over the weekend.

The video was allegedly recorded at a prayer service late Sunday afternoon and posted on the internet the same day.

A man at the beginning of the recording is heard saying, “Yeah man, I’m video taping that.”

In the end, he said, “I knew he was going to come” and “He lost some weight though.”

A photo of the mayor was also posted on social media site Instagram.

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The mayor has made international headlines after he publicly admitted to smoking crack cocaine last month.

Ford was subsequently stripped of most of his mayoral powers soon after his admission.

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The mayor is also facing a legal battle over comments he made during an pre-recorded television interview with Conrad Black when he appeared to insinuate a newspaper reporter was a pedophile.

An online fundraiser was set up over the weekend to raise $50,000 to cover his legal costs.

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