Hudak talks election, nuclear power, subsidies, babies

ABOVE: Watch Alan Carter’s full interview with Tim Hudak.

TORONTO – PC leader Tim Hudak hopes there will be a spring election, he told Global News in an interview Tuesday.

“I hope so,” he said “I can’t control what the other two parties do but we need that change.”

Hudak has made no attempt to hide his longing for an election, having voted against the last two Liberal budgets.

In the wide-ranging interview with Focus Ontario host Alan Carter, Hudak listed off his priorities (‘jobs’ being his first three), his plans for building nuclear power plants, ending the green-energy subsidy and making “significant” cuts to the public sector while putting more “resources in classroms.” All in an attempt, he said, to save the province money.

“We have no choice,” he said.

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The Tory leader also spoke about his former finance critic Peter Shurman who resigned on Tuesday after revelations he had been claiming mileage between his Niagara-on-the-Lake residence and Queen’s Park.

“I had to make a decision too and I think taxpayers expect us to have a certain standard,” he said. “Fair enough, you’re right, technically within the rules, the housing allowance was okay, but I think we need to have a higher standard in terms of us as MPPs and what taxpayers expect.”

But it wasn’t all politics; Hudak revealed that his wife is expecting their second child due in the spring.

“It’s going to be a great Christmas,” he said. “The happy news is we’re adding a new member of the family.”

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