Eva Kovacs
Community Producer

Eva Kovacs has always loved sharing stories about inspiring people and events that make Winnipeg a vibrant community.

Kovacs started her career in journalism 17 years ago, grinding it out as a daily reporter, and building her journalism skills by finding stories that inform the community.

She began at Global Winnipeg in 1998, as a reporter and anchor. Kovacs has turned her focus to bringing more community stories to the forefront. Her passion for storytelling and the city come together in a weekly series called Better Winnipeg, which runs on Global News and

Kovacs is a crafty Pinterest fan, movie buff, and reader. She is an all round DIY girl and brings her creative spirit to the viewers.

When not working out in the community, Kovacs and her husband are raising two children, spending time with family and friends, at the local hockey rinks, and walking their dog, Jet.