May 9, 2014 6:50 pm

Teen with rare medical condition now allowed to attend prom

WATCH: (May 9, 2014) After Global News first aired a story about a St. Catharines school principal not allowing a student to attend prom because of her poor academic standing, the principal has now had a change of heart. Cindy Pom reports.

Dress shopping isn’t the easiest thing to do for Katie Bialy because of her medical condition.

But it’s not stopping her today.

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“Very excited, very happy,” Bialy said with a smile while trying on dresses at Ballets Bridal & Formalwear in St. Catharines with her two best friends.

The Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School student, 17, was told this week by her school principal that she can now attend prom.

Last week, Bialy told Global News that her principal wouldn’t allow it because she’s not in good academic standing.

“I felt like I was being punished for being sick and I thought it wasn’t fair,” she said.

A medical condition has prevented her from completing any school work this year, Bialy explained.

She was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in May 2012. EDS is an incurable connective tissue disorder that causes her joints to disconnect at any moment.

“While typing, my fingers dislocate. So it gets really hard. And I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to school work. I get really nervous,” she said.

After Global News aired her story last week, the school had a change of heart.

“The matter has been resolved at the school level in consultation with, and the full support of, the family,” the Niagara Catholic District School Board wrote in a statement to Global News, without explaining the reason behind the reversal.

Bialy’s mom noted the change came after the principal watched Global’s story.

“She did mention she did not realize the extent of Katie’s disease and she didn’t understand,” said Donna Koiter.

Bialy has only completed 16 of the 30 credits needed to receive a diploma and will not graduate this year. However, she wanted to celebrate with friends, who started high school with her four years ago.

Prom is June 20.

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