May 8, 2014 6:59 pm

Florida woman finds latex glove inside Pop-Tart

TORONTO – A woman in Florida allegedly found a latex glove inside a Pop-Tart she was eating earlier this week.

According to WCTV in Florida, Taylor Collins purchased the package from a local store on May 5 and was halfway through the first frosted treat when she tasted the latex.

“It’s really gross,” she told WCTV. “It looks mouldy and stuff.”

Collins phoned the number for Kellogg’s on the back of the package and was offered coupons for more Pop-Tarts.

She says she will never eat a Pop-Tart again.

Collins is worried she may have contracted something and plans to get checked by her doctor.

“I don’t know what’s on [the glove]… and I ate some of it,” she said.

Kellogg’s Canada could not comment on the story due to the U.S.-specific nature of it.

As of this writing Kellogg’s in the U.S. has not issued a statement or commented on the matter to Global News or WCTV in Florida.

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