May 6, 2014 9:34 am

WATCH: Ohio teen hugs father with two arms for ‘first’ time

TORONTO – A social media campaign has helped an Ohio teen to hug her father with two arms for the “first” time.

Torri Biddle, who was born with a right arm that only grew up to her elbow, told her closest friends she would love to receive a bionic arm one day as her family could not afford one.

Last fall, Biddle’s high school friends started a campaign called #HandforTorri that they hoped might get the attention of someone who could help.

The documentary series The Buried Life held a contest asking people what they wanted to do before they die. The creators behind the show said they were impressed with Biddle’s story and teamed up with non-profit charity Invisible Children and Hanger Clinics to get Biddle a donated state-of-the-art $150,000 bionic arm.

In the YouTube video posted Sunday, Biddle is seen receiving her bionic arm and hugging her father shortly after.

“This is what she has always wanted her whole life,” said her father Joe in the video. “For her to overcome everything she has in her life, and now to finally get something like this, now she’s opened up a whole new world for her.” On Twitter, Biddle thanked those who made her dream come true.

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