April 24, 2014 8:09 pm

Alberta climbers remember legendary Sherpa after Everest climb

LETHBRIDGE- A father and son climbing team from Magrath say their recent brush with avalanches on the world’s tallest mountain hasn’t shaken their love of the sport.

Lance Miller and his 15-year-old son Keaton returned home this week after climbing up to Mt. Everest base camp on a trip of a lifetime.

“It was awesome to have a month long trip with my dad. It was pretty cool,” said Keaton.

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But the pair are also remembering one of the Sherpas who was buried in a recent avalanche which killed more than a dozen Nepalese guides last Friday.

The Millers spent some of their trip learning with the man – considered one of area’s most respected Sherpas – a few days before the fatal avalanche.

“We did spend a couple of days in his house we had tea in his house. He has the record of spending the most time at the highest altitude.

Lance Miller says the area was very unstable during their ascent.

“ When we were hiking up base camp we saw five avalanches. Our guide said it was unusual for the season and then when we were waiting to flying back we heard about the deadly avalanche.”

But despite their brush withdeath, both Lance and his son say they will continue to climb mountains and the pair are already planning a trip up Mount Kilimanjaro next year.


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