Okanagan businesses welcome next phase of reopening

The further easing of B.C.’s pandemic restrictions is welcome news for many Okanagan businesses. The move to phase two of the province’s reopening is providing a boost to some heavily impacted sectors including hospitality businesses, fitness studios and the tourism industry.

UBC Okanagan opens doors to new high-tech building

UBC Okanagan's newest building, the Commons, is a high-tech facility that cost $35 million to construct. The facility features modern classrooms, collaborative study areas and a digital technology centre.

UBC Okanagan building new innovation research hub

The Okanagan university received $1.9 million from the federal government for the new innovation hub, which will focus on using waste materials and converting them into usable products.
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UBC Okanagan offering drug testing services

A partnership between Interior Health and UBC Okanagan is expanding access to drug checking in the valley. The program is aimed at saving lives during the overdose crisis and it is already flagging a concerning trend in the local drug supply.

UBC Okanagan researchers develop improved prosthetic heart value

After five years in development, researchers at the University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus have engineered a new and improved mechanical heart value. Researchers involved in the design, are hoping their new 'Apex heart valve' will eventually become the 'gold standard'.
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UBC Okanagan researcher calculates possibility of time travel

Ben Tippet has come up with a mathematical formula he believes could help develop time travel. The University of British Columbia math and physics instructor says we can use curvature and space time to let a person transport to another place in time. Travis Lowe attempts to get the 'Low Down' on his calculations.
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Royal Couple at UBC Okanagan

It’s an event that has been months in the planning, and it was all over in about 3 hours. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting the central Okanagan Tuesday afternoon. The only public event was at UBC Okanagan, where the Prince William and his wife Kate met students and watched an exhibition match with UBC’s nationally ranked women’s volleyball team.

Mental health summit held at UBC Okanagan

UBC Okanagan was home to the Raise Your Voice Summit, a partnership with, a day-long event that was designed to inspire a new generation of mental health advocates.
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UBC Okanagan celebrates Black History Month

UBC Okanagan’s African Caribbean Student Club has taken its Black History Month celebration online. The student-led cultural club is sharing and celebrating their cultural backgrounds with a plethora of events this February.

UBC Okanagan students engineer rental app

Some have said the shortage of affordable housing in the Central Okanagan is reaching crisis proportions. Now two engineers at UBC Okanagan have partnered to create a solution to help ease the situation. As Global videographer Travis Lowe reports, this was not your normal engineering dilemma.
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Coronavirus: UBC Okanagan student creates science videos for kids

Science is fun, and discovering it as a child can be exciting. Kimberly Rutledge is a U.B.C. Okanagan student who's been posting science videos for kids on Youtube. In her videos, Rutledge puts on her laboratory coat to bring a little bit of magic to kids who are homeschooling because of the pandemic. Her videos show experiments in science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.).

Okanagan researchers discover a dangerous toxin lurking in one of Canada’s largest lakes.

A new study at UBC Okanagan has found high levels of the toxin BMAA in samples taken from Lake Winnipeg during an algae bloom last year. Previous studies have found the same toxin in algae blooms in smaller lakes in our region. So far BMAA has only been found in algae samples, as researchers say it is difficult to test for the toxin in the water itself. The study’s lead author Professor Susan Murch, says algae blooms are increasing due to climate change and agricultural runoff.

UBC-Okanagan study suggests where recreational marijuana should be sold once it is legalized in 2018

With just months to go before recreational marijuana is legalized in this country, the debate on who should sell it and where is heating up. While that decision will be made by individual provinces, a UBC-Okanagan study suggests while not legal yet, the current method of pot distribution is the way to go. It says store-front dispensaries that sell medical marijuana should also be the ones to sell recreational cannabis. Klaudia Van Emmerik reports.
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