STARS knows that saving lives requires saving time. Their team of paramedics, nurses, transport physicians, pilots, and helicopters begin providing critical care to our patients from the moment they land on the scene until they arrive at the hospital.

Every STARS helicopter, education unit, and hangar is equipped with the most advanced medical, aviation and training equipment available.

Support STARS and get your tickets to this year’s STARS LOTTERY. With each ticket you buy, you’re not just getting the chance to win 2,105 prizes valued at over $4.8 million, but you’re also funding lifesaving operations, tools, and training.

This year’s prizing includes:

  • 4 dream vacations (including Italy, Greece, Cuba, Guatemala, and Belize) or cash
  • 3 stunning homes in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge
  • 4 thrilling vehicles. Or choose the cash

There’s also a Bonus Prize made for big adventures! From backwoods to oceanfront, make yourself at home anywhere, any season in the 2023 WINNEBAGO TRAVATO 59K. As comfy as it is versatile, this unit is the ideal basecamp to refuel, wash up and call it a night after a long day of adventuring. Not the outdoorsy type? Take $180,000 cash instead!

With this year’s Early Bird prize of $500,000 cash in your pocket, the sky really is the limit. Those vacations you dream of? Take them. That sports car you picture yourself in? Buy it. The epic
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Take a tour of this year’s Grand Prize Dream Homes:

Calgary Dream Home:

Edmonton Dream Home:

Lethbridge Dream Home:


Bonus deadline: February 8, 2024. Draw: February 21, 2024
Early Bird deadline: February 29, 2024. Draw: March 12, 2024
Final deadline: March 21, 2024. Draw: March 28, 2024
50/50 deadline: March 21, 2023. Draw: March 28, 2024
Million STARS Daily Cash deadline: March 21, 2023. Draw: March 28, 2024

STARS LOTTERY: 1 for $30; 4 for $75; 10 for $150; 25 for $300; 50 for $450
Lucky STARS 50/50: 1 for $10; 5 for $25; 15 for $50; 30 for $75 and 50 for $100
Million STARS Daily Cash: 1 for $10; 5 for $25; 15 for $50; 30 for $75 and 50 for $100

To purchase your tickets now visit or call 1-855-STARS 68 (1-855-782-7768)