Our news talk mobile app is shutting down on Aug 31

On August 31, our news talk mobile app is shutting down and moving to Radioplayer Canada, but don’t worry: you’ll still be able to get all your news, weather, traffic and sports updates at your fingertips by downloading the FREE Radioplayer Canada App or visiting your local news talk website on your mobile device.

How do I listen to talk radio on my phone?

By downloading the Radioplayer Canada App to your mobile device, you can listen LIVE to your favourite news talk hosts or catch up on the shows you’ve missed. Want more than just news? Save all your favourite news talk and music stations in one place using the Radioplayer Canada App.

What is Radioplayer Canada?

Welcome to where Canadian radio plays. Now listen to more than 400 of Canada’s best radio stations. Every type of music, riveting talk, thrilling sports and engaging personalities, in both official languages. Canada’s most powerful radio in your hands, pocket or purse.

Listen anywhere… in the car, at the gym, relaxing at home, or at work. Listen across all your devices – mobile, tablet, desktop at radioplayer.ca and through any station’s web player.

Check out Radioplayer Canada or download the FREE Radio Player App, available for iOS and Android.