Jube School

Global News is proud to partner with the Jubilee Auditorium for Jube School!

Learn how to doodle, how to journal, and make fun family crafts with items you can find at home.

Check out live workshops with celebrated artists below.

Coming soon:

  • Mindful Mark Making with Paula Timm
  • Create Your Own Puppet Pal with Brendan James Boyd
  • A Juggling Ball Making and Juggling Class with Dean Bareham

Jube School Live Guided Drawing – Mystical Owl with Jaye Benoit

Jube School Live Bad Portraits with Mandy Stobo:

For more Jube School Live events and video workshops watch the tutorials below.

Jube School Online: Light It Up!


Creative Outdoors Part One: Sidewalk Paint

What’s in a doodle?


Visual Journaling – I think I see I wonder

Create a magical lantern

Take the One-Line Drawing Challenge



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