Southeast ring road could be just days from opening

CALGARY- The end is finally in sight for commuters who have been patiently waiting for the completing of the southeast leg of the ring road.

The $769 million project is nearly two months behind schedule, and has caused lane closures, congestion, and long waits—and not just where traffic is concerned.

“It’s been a headache for everyone,” admits William Hollier from Chinook Roads Partnership, who says he waited months to be paid for some of the work his company did on the roadway. “We worked really hard for two years, we sacrificed everything we had, had no summer for two years…[worked] seven days a week.”

An early blast of winter is partially to blame for the delays, and the company is also being fined over $3.5 million for missing the October 1 completion date.

Alberta Transportation Minister Ric McIver says the roadway could finally open by the end of the week, as long as the contract is amended to have some non-safety related work finished in the spring.

“It does require for them to get signed off by all their partners. As for Alberta Transportation, we’re ready to go.”

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