5 songs you must hear this week: 30 January 2023

With the dreaded polar vortex about to settle in across much of the country, what is there to do but hunker down and listen to some new music?

1. Gorillaz, New Gold ft. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown
Cracker Island (Parlophone UK)
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First came Cracker Island (the single featuring Thundercat), which became a sizeable alt-rock hit over the last few months. Now comes this single about a month ahead of the release of the album of the same now. Kevin Parker (aka Tame Impala) and Bootie Brown (from the LA hip-hop group Pharcyde) have dropped into for a quick collaboration. When the album finally appears in a few weeks, it will also feature Beck, Stevie Nicks(!!!), and more.


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2. Death Cab for Cutie, Pepper
Asphalt Meadows (Atlantic)
RIYL: Sad songs that make you feel good

DCfC’s tenth album got off to a good start with Here to Forever, the first single, which hung around at #1 on Canadian alternative radio. The follow-up might be even better with more bittersweet-sounding melodies garnished with just the right amount of angst. Love the sound of the production, too. The tour behind this album begins in Toronto on June 2.


3. Three Days Grace, I Am the Weapon
Explosions (Sony)
RIYL: Well, it’s Canadian hard rock, innit?

About twenty-five years into their career, Peterborough’s Three Days keeps on thrashing away with another single that has endured them to radio stations across the US that focus on the harder side of alt-rock. The winter tour across Canada was a success. Watch for more big shows throughout 2023.

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4. BABYMETAL, Metal Kingdom
The Other One (Cooking)
RIYL: Japanese madness

Look, I will not apologize for being obsessed with BABYMETAL all these years. I was a little concerned when fans were told last April that BABYMETAL was being “sealed” from the world after a long tour. Turns out that this downtime was used to gather strength and write more music. A new concept album entitled The Other One is set for release on March 24 and comes with this trailer. Meanwhile, we have this first single.


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5. Måneskin, Gossip ft. Tom Morello
Rush! (Sony)
RIYL: Successful Eurovision lunacy

When was the last time a Eurovision broke out so widely across the world? Katrina and the Waves, 1997? Celine Dion (competing for Switzerland) 1988? ABBA, 1973? Whatever Måneskin is doing, they’re doing right. Just as they’re hoping to win Best New Artist at the 2023 Grammy Awards, they’ve got a third album that seems to continue the delta-v they’ve established so far. And they got Tom Morello for a song!

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