Guelph businesswoman excited about her appearance and offer on Dragon’s Den

Kristy Miller of The Scented Market on an episode of Dragon's Den. The Scented Candle/Facebook

A Guelph businesswoman received her Christmas present a little early.

Kristy Miller, founder and CEO of The Scented Market in Guelph, received $250,000 on a recent episode of Dragon’s Den.

The episode featuring Miller aired on Thursday. She said she is excited now that she is able to reveal her successful pitch.

“We were able to get all six dragons in on offers. It was very competitive,” Miller said. “Honestly, I had to take a minute to stop, process everything, and decide whose offer to take.”

Miller originally asked for $250,000 in exchange for five per cent of her business. The offer Miller did end up taking was from Arlene Dickinson and Michele Romanow. They offered her a total of $250,000 for a 15 per cent stake.

Dickinson said to Miller, “I’ll make you an offer because I do bet on people.”

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Miller started The Scented Market in 2018 as an online business. She then opened four bricks and mortar stores and is looking to further expand her business.

“It was supposed to be a five-year plan, but we’ve outgrown it in three,” Miller said. “We really needed to start looking for bigger space so that we are able to grow the business with more candles and more staff.”

Miller said her experience on Dragon’s Den reinforced her passion and commitment to her business.

“Just being able to pitch in front of them forced me to get the numbers in front of me, and forced me to take an outside look at my business,” Miller said. “I went in there with a positive attitude and full of energy, and I think that definitely conveyed across to all six (dragons).”

The Scented Market flagship store is located on Edinburgh Road in Guelph. There are three other locations in Fergus, Paris, Ont., and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

You can visit website and follow the business on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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