Weekly survey: Into vinyl? Are you now thinking about upgrading your stereo/audio gear to enjoy better sound?

Sales of vinyl records have been on fire since 2008, posting double-digit growth year after year. According to some articles I’ve read, there’s also an interesting knock-on effect. Some people are now turning into audiophiles–or at least investing in (or upgrading to) better stereo gear.

This means proper speakers (TWO of them, not just some mono Bluetooth thing), a proper amp with sufficient power, and, of course, a proper turntable-and-cartridge combination. These articles say that for the first time since the home theatre revolution, people are seriously getting back into two-channel audio setups designed solely for the purpose of listening to music.

Is this you? Or are you happy with whatever setup you have now? (And that fourth choice should read “Not into vinyl at all.” Jeez, I hope Elon lets me edit my tweets after I send them out.)


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