$41.1M pedestrian bridge to connect northeast Edmonton with Strathcona County

The $41.1-million pedestrian bridge will connect 167 Avenue in northeast Edmonton to Township Road 540 in Strathcona County. Courtesy, Strathcona County

More than $41 million has been approved to build a pedestrian bridge connecting Edmonton with Strathcona County.

The City of Edmonton, Strathcona County and River Valley Alliance announced Wednesday they have finalized funding for the bridge over the North Saskatchewan River.

The $41.1-million bridge will connect 167 Avenue in northeast Edmonton to Township Road 540 in Strathcona County.

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“This footbridge is a value-added partnership between both municipalities and the River Valley Alliance that will be enjoyed by generations to come,” Strathcona County Mayor Rod Frank said.

“The opportunity to create a continuous and connected park system through the North Saskatchewan River Valley was identified in Strathcona County’s Trail strategy, Edmonton’s Ribbon of Green strategy, and the River Valley Alliance’s plan of action. We are pleased to see the vision come to life.”

In a news release, Strathcona County said the River Valley Alliance is paying for 50 per cent of the bridge costs, with the City of Edmonton and Strathcona County splitting the remaining 50 per cent evenly.

The county said public feedback included a site visit with 21 Indigenous community representatives, and helped inform the design of the bridge and open spaces on both sides of the river.

“This pedestrian bridge is going to be a key addition to the North Saskatchewan River Valley, linking Edmonton to Strathcona County and improving access and connectivity to the regional trail system from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan,” said River Valley Alliance executive director Kristine Archibald.

The county said site development will honour human access while maintaining wildlife passages and habitats on both sides of the river.

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Construction is scheduled to begin in late summer or early fall.

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