Police pull 7 suspected stolen vehicles from Brantford, Ont. lake

Police say they don't believe any foul play is connected with the retrieval of seven stolen cars from the bottom of Mohawk Lake in Brantford on April 8, 2022.

After seven suspected stolen vehicles were pulled out of a lake in Brantford, Ont.’s southeast end, police say they don’t believe the autos were connected with any additional crimes.

A spokesperson for Brantford Police (BPS) revealed the retrieval effort by city and provincial crews on April 8, bringing vehicles at the bottom of Mohawk lake to the surface. The BPS dive team was aided by the OPP in the effort.

“An initial investigation found no evidence to suspect these vehicles were involved with any other crime,” BPS’ Robin Matthews-Osmond said in a release on Wednesday.

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“This is being treated as a property crime investigation as many of the vehicles are believed to be stolen.”

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All the vehicles were 1970s models and have ‘significant damage’ due to being submerged for an extended period of time.

The recovered vehicles are:

  • red AMC Pacer 1975-1977
  • brown Ford Cortina 1972-1975
  • blue Chevrolet C10 1970-1975
  • green Plymouth Caravelle 1978
  • white Chrysler Cordoba 1977
  • white Pontiac GTX 1970–1975
  • blue Buick Riviera 1970-1975

Matthews-Osmond said the vehicles were spotted by OPP in an unrelated investigation at the lake last week.

BPS believe all the vehicles discovered have been removed from the water.

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