Are humans to blame? Debating the cause of global climate change

A new IPCC report says climate change is caused by humans with 95% certainty. But not everyone agrees.

Global News science and weather reporter Nicole Mortillaro and Global Toronto’s chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell, debated the divisive issue Monday morning on AM640’s The John Oakley Show.

On Monday evening (6-8 p.m. ET) join Anthony and Nicole for a live discussion on climate change.

Ahead of tonight’s debate, you can read more from both sides of the argument:

“What they are saying – what climate-change skeptics love to ignore – is that mankind is accelerating the warming around the globe,” said Mortillaro in a recent blog called “Global warming: It’s time we took responsibility.”

“You can no longer trust the IPCC for an unbiased look at climate change. You can’t trust a scientific body that is being controlled and persuaded by political powers,” wrote Farnell in a blog post called “Why the IPCC climate change report is flawed.”