Sauna ignites small fire at Dartmouth Sportsplex

A Halifax firefighter investigates smoke on the roof of the Dartmouth Sportsplex on Monday, September 30, 2013. Brett Ruskin / Global News

DARTMOUTH – Seven fire engines and dozens of firefighters rushed to the Dartmouth Sportsplex early Monday morning after a fire ignited in the men’s changing room. Around 4:00 a.m. an alarm inside the Wyse Road building triggered the emergency call.

When crews arrived, they could not see any flames but there was light smoke rising from the roof. Upon closer inspection, they found a small fire near the Sportsplex pool, in the men’s changing room sauna.

From the street, thick smoke could be seen filling the pool area.

Approximately an hour after the initial call, the small fire was put out. The matter is still under investigation and the extent of any damage is not known.


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