Winnipeg activist wants kids to share their gifts in debut children’s book

The cover of Michael Redhead Champagne's new book, Illustrated by Tiff Bartel. Portage and Main Press

A Winnipeg community activist has fulfilled a lifelong dream: writing his first children’s book.

Michael Redhead Champagne, whose We Need Everyone comes out this fall, told 680 CJOB it’s been something he’s wanted to do for a very long time.

“I’ve wanted to write books ever since I was a little kid. I’ve been writing stories ever since I was in kindergarten,” he said.

“I really fell in love with the idea of storytelling. In my life, growing up in the North End of Winnipeg, I just see so many gifted and talented people all the time.

“I’ve learned from my activism and my volunteerism and just in my life that there are so many talented people in the North End and in the inner city, and I feel that sometimes the world doesn’t see how talented and gifted they are.”

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With We Need Everyone, Champagne said he hopes to teach kids that they all have gifts that can benefit the community as a whole.

“You hear young people saying I’m bored or I’m not good at anything. It’s an invitation for us as adults and people who care about them to remind them how gifted they are… and the world needs their special gift, no matter what it is.”

The book, illustrated by local artist Tiff Bartel, is available for pre-sale now, and will be released by Portage & Main Press in September.

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