Family of Krissy St. Pierre want answers from Lethbridge YWCA as they allege her body wasn’t found for days

Click to play video: 'Family of Krissy St. Pierre want answers from Lethbridge YWCA, alleging her body wasn’t found for days' Family of Krissy St. Pierre want answers from Lethbridge YWCA, alleging her body wasn’t found for days
WATCH: A southern Alberta family says they want answers after their loved one died while living in a YWCA facility. As Quinn Campbell reports, Krissy St. Pierre’s family says they requested several welfare checks to be done, checks they say didn’t go nearly far enough. – Sep 28, 2021

The family of Krissy St. Pierre wants to know how long her body was lying in her room at a Lethbridge YWCA facility.

The 25-year-old was living at the facility that provides residents with supportive living services while she was working to get back on her feet.

“The last words that she had told my mom was ‘I am not feeling well’ and this was the same day she was taking her first does of methadone, she was just like ‘Something’s not right, I’m not feeling well’,” said Krissy’s brother, Dario Sam.

Sam said his mom began to call the YWCA every day after that conversation to try get ahold of her daughter, who normally kept in close contact.

“She called since the first, twice a day for about seven days, for a full seven days, ‘Where is my daughter, I haven’t heard from her, she’s not answering her messenger, there is nothing on Facebook, has anybody seen her?’” added Sam.

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Krissy’s body was found on Sept. 7. The family said they have been told it could take 10 to 12 months for a medical examiner’s report for an exact cause of death, but drugs are suspected.

Sam said they were told by the YWCA, welfare checks had been done and no staff had raised an alarm — while other days they hadn’t seen her. The family still hadn’t heard from Krissy so Sam called police and reported her missing. That day, her body was found.

“I asked to see her room, which I did, and it was very obvious that she’d been there for quite an amount of time,” Sam explained.

Tracy James, acting chief executive officer with YWCA Lethbridge, said non-invasive wellness checks are done every shift, but residents can come and go as they please and are given their privacy.

James confirmed to Global News that the last time someone from the YWCA saw Krissy was Thursday Sept. 2, however checks were done up until her body was discovered.

“Yes, we did check multiple times on Krissy. The state of Krissy’s room was that we could not see her when we checked in on her,” explained James.

Sam said despite the state of Krissy’s room the family feels their constant calls of concern should have prompted a more thorough check of her room.

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“This was a 10 foot by six foot room, a single bed, one dresser, it was a mess but besides the point, you open the door four inches and you would be able to see that she was there the whole time,” he explained, adding that his family was unable to go check on her in her room themselves because some family members were in isolation due to COVID-19 protocols.

James said three clients living in Lethbridge YWCA properties recently passed away, within just weeks of each other, prompting an investigation by police. “The cause of the death of each of the people were found (including Krissy), was found non-suspicious by the police and the YWCA was not found to be negligent in these cases.”

James said any critical incident at the YWCA prompts an internal review, a review Krissy’s family said they want to see when it’s complete, hoping to spare another family a similar loss and to find out what her final moments may have been, and why no one took their calls for her wellbeing more serious.



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