Up to 90 mm of rain expected for Kingston, Belleville regions by Friday

With up to 90 millimetres of rain called for by the Friday morning, Environment Canada warns of possible floods in the Kingston and Belleville regions. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Lars Hagberg

Environment Canada issued a significant rainfall warning Wednesday, calling for downpours to last in the Kingston and Belleville regions over the next several days.

The rain will be heavy at times, with thunderstorms appearing throughout Thursday. The rain is expected to continue until Friday morning, Environment Canada says.

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Affected regions are expected to see somewhere between 60 to 90 millimetres of rain, with some locations surpassing 100 millimetres.

The weather authority said the significant rainfall is due to “a cold front and a moisture-laden low-pressure system that will arrive from the American mid-west.”

Such heavy downpours or consistent periods of rain can cause floods, Environment Canada warns.

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