Remember to drive safely in school zones, says SPVM

Westmount Park Elementary started school Wednesday.
Westmount Park Elementary started school Wednesday. Global News

MONTREAL – Kids across Quebec are heading back to school Wednesday.

As always, the Montreal police are out in force with their annual road safety campaign.

Between now and September 22nd, they’re meeting with children to talk about all the ways to stay safe when walking to school.

They’re also making a point to remind parents to slow down as they drop their kids off.

As well as this, they want to remind all drivers to follow speed limits and road rules in school zones.

“In an ideal world we won’t be giving any tickets,” said Andre Duroché, a spokesperson for the Montreal police.

“Everyone will be following the rules in school zones. We’re remind drivers to stop for school buses and to respect the speed limit in school zones.”

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