Drone operator assists Lindsay police in locating elderly man

A Lindsay resident used his drone to help police locate an elderly man on Feb. 2. Scott Moggach

A Lindsay resident used his drone to assist police in locating an elderly man on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the City of Kawartha Lakes Service, around 3 p.m. officers responded to reports of an elderly man with a cane who was walking on the ice along the Scugog River.

Police launched their search in the area of Lindsay Street North, where the man was last seen, but officers reported that access to the river was blocked and they couldn’t find any trace of the man.

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Police say resident Scott Moggach was in the area practising flying his new drone and offered to help police in the search. He used his drone to locate tracks in the snow, which eventually led police to the man’s residence, where he was located safe and sound, police said.

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City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service Chief Scott Gilbert thanks Scott Moggach for his search efforts. City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service

“We will lead our community in increasing its collective capacity to share responsibility for everyone’s safety, security and well-being. Thank you to the citizens of Kawartha Lakes who regularly step up and assist in making our community a safer place to live, work and play.”