Bigfoot or moose? Possible sighting shocks, excites residents of small B.C. community

Click to play video: 'B.C. bigfoot hunters say reported sighting was actually a moose'
B.C. bigfoot hunters say reported sighting was actually a moose
WATCH: B.C. bigfoot hunters say reported sighting was actually a moose – Jan 17, 2021

‘Twas the night of Christmas

And through the West Koot,

Not a creature was sighted,

Except maybe Bigfoot.

At least, that’s how the famous poem could go after a group of travellers spotted what they say might have been a Bigfoot — also known as a Sasquatch — near Silverton, B.C., on Christmas night.

Editor’s note: The village of Silverton is located on the east shore of Slocan Lake in B.C.’s West Kootenay region, and is about a 90-minute drive north of Trail.

Four friends were heading to their home on Highway 6, just south of Silverton, on the evening of Dec. 25 when the people in the front of the vehicle saw what looked like a “huge, man-like figure” on the side of the road.

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“I didn’t see the creature myself, I saw the prints,” said Erica Spink-D’Souza, who was in the back seat.

She’s become the informal spokesperson for her companions.

“But the person on the front seat cried out ‘Oh my gosh look at that!’”

Click to play video: 'Bigfoot believer takes provincial government to court'
Bigfoot believer takes provincial government to court

Spink-D’Souza said “they said it looked like a huge grizzly, or it was a large man, standing up.”

But before Spink-D’Souza could catch a glimpse, the figure turned, went on all fours, and headed deep into the bush.

“We tried to turn around and look again, but it was gone,” she said.

After arriving home and putting her kids to bed, they returned to the scene to look for signs of the mysterious creature.

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“We saw all these different tracks, and then we saw these tracks that were really alarming,” she recalled. “They were bipedal tracks in a straight line into the woods?

“I got a little spooked, it was alarming to see such big prints. But there were no bear tracks.”

Spink-D’Souza and the others examined and photographed the tracks. She then filed a report with a Bigfoot organization online.


The head of the Bigfoot Field Research Group, Matt Moneymaker (who also co-hosted a long-running Animal Planet TV show called Finding Bigfoot), described the tracks as “un-hoax-able.”

“The surrounding pristine snow proves the tracks were not fabricated by humans,” he said.

“The stride length is beyond the ability of a human trying to leap through knee-deep snow. The drag marks and depth of the tracks prove they are not from a leaping rabbit. The linear pattern shows that it was not a bear.”

Moneymaker also said it’s unlikely that someone was trying to hoax random travellers on an empty stretch of road on Christmas night.

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Spink-D’Souza, who just recently moved to the area, said she’s never had something like this happen to her before, though she’s heard weird animal sounds howling in the bush around her new home.

Click to play video: 'Alberta man files lawsuit in California to prove sasquatch exists'
Alberta man files lawsuit in California to prove sasquatch exists

She said locals she’s spoken to have generally accepted her claim.

“Well, it’s the Kootenays,” she said, laughing. “I tell them what happened, and they start telling me their Bigfoot stories.

“People were saying ‘Oh, that’s The Wanderer, there’s a sasquatch who wanders around here,’” she said. “It sounds like around here people are pretty open to the possibility there is one.”

Click to play video: 'Bigfoot believer takes provincial government to court'
Bigfoot believer takes provincial government to court

Investigators arrive

The sighting was strong enough that members of an Okanagan Bigfoot group returned to the location about 10 days after the sighting.

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But after investigating the scene and examining the tracks carefully, the team put a damper on the excitement.

“They suspect the tracks are from a very large moose,” said Moneymaker, who’s based in California.

“The witnesses may have seen a large female moose facing forward and mistook it for a man-like figure.”

Click to play video: 'Some claim Bigfoot spotted on Michigan eagle nest camera'
Some claim Bigfoot spotted on Michigan eagle nest camera

But since nearly two weeks have passed since the initial sighting, Moneymaker said there’s still room to believe.

“It’s up in the air,” he said. “In most cases I can usually say it’s looking more one way than the other, but in this case I can’t. I think there are moose tracks in the area, yes, but there are witnesses who said they did not see a moose.”

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Moneymaker said he’d love someone with a drone to fly along the trail of the purported tracks to see where they lead.

Ancient hominid?

Sasquatches are thought by some to be present in the West Kootenay.

Paranormal researchers believe it could be a lost sub-species of hominid, like the extinct Gigantopithecus, a large ape-like creature whose remains have been found in southeast Asia.

However, no convincing physical evidence has ever been found to support those claims.

For Spink-D’Souza, the incident has left her with a larger sense of the magic of the world.

“It leaves me with a sense of awe and wonderment on all the beautiful mysteries of this world,” she said, noting Indigenous cultures recognize the existence of the sasquatch.

“In terms of looking for evidence, in concrete ways, that’s fine, but I do hold a respect that there are people around who know of the existence of sasquatch and that’s marvellous.”

If you see a sasquatch, you’re invited to contact the Bigfoot Field Research Organization through their website.

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This story was first published in The Valley Voice, a biweekly newspaper.

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