‘It’s not just about me’: McKenna cites need to protect politicians from threats

Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna calls for an end to hateful rhetoric on social media
MP Catherine McKenna put the blame on social media as she spoke to media after a video surfaced online appearing to show a person harassing a staffer at her Ottawa Centre constituency office.

Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna says new measures must be taken to protect Canadian politicians from threatening behaviour.

Her comments come after police launched an investigation this week into an incident at her office as well as reports that two other Ottawa-area politicians also faced threats recently.

McKenna, who has spoken out in the past about being a target, said she’s heard from many politicians who have experienced similar incidents, some never reported publicly.

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“It’s not just about me. There’s been some attention to incidents involving me, but I’ve heard from so many women, from so many men, and it’s really worrying,” she said Thursday in Ottawa.

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“We need to reflect on this and take action so we can all do our jobs.”

Earlier this week, a police investigation was launched after someone yelled obscenities at a member of McKenna’s staff, with the footage posted to social media.

After being told the constituency office in downtown Ottawa was closed due to COVID-19, the individual yells expletives and insults at the employee about McKenna and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

According to data from the RCMP, first reported by the Toronto Star, there has been an increase in the number of threats made against the prime minister and cabinet when compared to last year.

The RCMP say from January to July 2019, protective policing opened 100 investigations into threats, while from January to July 2020 there have been approximately 130 launched.

Majority of Canadians polled want social media companies to do more to stop hate, racism online: Ipsos poll
Majority of Canadians polled want social media companies to do more to stop hate, racism online: Ipsos poll

Lisa MacLeod, a member of the Ontario legislature for an Ottawa riding, was reportedly put under police protection this week after she gave an interview speaking out against the abuse faced by female politicians and subsequently received threats of her own.

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Last week, Laura Dudas, an Ottawa city councillor, had a rock hurled through a window of her home while her family was asleep.

“While I cannot speak to the motivations of the person behind this disturbing act, it comes as the latest in a string of acts targeting my role as a woman in politics,” she said in a statement posted to social media Thursday.

“There are too many reports of women politicians being the recipients of vicious online abuse, derogatory comments about their gender, and when online vitriol spills into the real world, violent physical attacks. This has to stop.”