City of Edmonton issues notice after window washer falls while working on Stantec Tower

City of Edmonton wraps up investigation looking into window washer’s fall
WATCH ABOVE: The City of Edmonton has wrapped up an investigation that looked into a terrifying ordeal for a window washer last October. Breanna Karstens-Smith reports.

The City of Edmonton has issued a notice to the company involved in a scary incident outside Edmonton’s Stantec Tower in October.

Two window washers were working on a swing stage on the outside the tower when the equipment began twisting in the wind.

The equipment smashed into the tower several times, breaking multiple windows.

One of the workers was thrown over the rail and left dangling by his safety harness five storeys above the ground.

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It was later determined the City of Edmonton did not issue a business licence to Aurum Window Cleaning, the company involved.

That prompted the City of Edmonton and Occupational Health and Safety to launch separate investigations into the incident.

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Worker rescued from suspended scaffolding outside Edmonton’s Stantec Tower
Worker rescued from suspended scaffolding outside Edmonton’s Stantec Tower

The municipal investigation has wrapped up, with the city issuing a notice to Aurum.

According to a spokesperson, “when they received this, they applied for a business licence, which is currently pending while we wait for further documents.”

That notice did not include a fine or penalty against the company, though the spokesperson said one could be levied if the company does not provide the required paperwork.

“This is all very, deeply troubling to me,” said Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan.

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“We have a business that has violated the rules at both a municipal and provincial level. So I would expect investigations from both the city and the province and, frankly, I would expect at least fines, if not something more serious.”

The company could have faced a municipal fine of up to $500.

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McGowan believes Aurum should not be granted a business licence.

“It sends a message to other employers that they can be fast and loose with the rules and they can get away with it. ”

On Wednesday, after months of trying to get a hold of Aurum, Global News was able to contact the company’s CEO.

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He said “everything has been resolved” and claimed the business does have a licence in Edmonton but that it is listed under a numbered company. He did not provide further details.

Concerns and questions in wake of window washer fall in Edmonton
Concerns and questions in wake of window washer fall in Edmonton

The provincial Occupational Health and Safety investigation is ongoing.

In an emailed statement a spokesperson said, “Occupational Health and Safety continues to investigate the window washer incident and cannot discuss details of active investigations.”

OHS has two years to complete its investigation. McGowan says he hopes it results in penalties.

“Through their negligence, this is a company that put the lives of its employees at risk, but they also put the lives of the public at risk.”

The employee left dangling has returned to work.