Dance collective takes on mental illness at Kelowna Fringe Festival

Click to play video 'Local dance collective looks to provoke conversation at Kelowna Fringe Festival' Local dance collective looks to provoke conversation at Kelowna Fringe Festival
Local dance collective looks to provoke conversation at Kelowna Fringe Festival – Sep 19, 2019

Provoke, a showcase of two dances at Kelowna Fringe Festival, pries into societal constraints while hoping to inspire conversation centred around mental illness.

“Sometimes people need to have information presented in a different format and sometimes having that conversation right off the bat is just overwhelming and too much,” said Kurt Werner with Evolve Arts Collective.

“And maybe, having it presented in that different context is enough to get them thinking what it’s like to live with that mental condition.”

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Five dancers will be portraying anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) through contemporary dance performances. They’ll also interpret societal constraints through choreography.

“I have two solos and both of them, I feel like there is a duality,” said Joanna Lige, professional dancer.

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“It’s getting involved in something and feeling it really deeply, and then getting distracted from that and being pulled in another direction and having my attention switched, so it’s playing with that hyper-focus and that switch of attention.”

The Kelowna Fringe Festival will be where the dancers introduce themselves to the Okanagan as the Evolve Collective, a place where mature dancers create space for each other.

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The group says they plan on putting on more performances together in the future.

“Evolve Arts Collective is really been a long time coming in this community,” said Angel Rockwell, professional dancer.

“There has really always been a need for a mature contribution of contemporary art in the dance field. This is a first-time groundbreaking thing to be doing in Kelowna.”

The Evolve Collective will be performing five times during the Kelowna fringe Festival with the last show being presented on Sunday, Sept. 22. For details about this show and the many others visit

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