United Way Peterborough and District announces $1.75M fundraising goal

The United Way Peterborough and District announced a fundraising goal of $1.75 million for its 2019-20 campaign. Noor Ibrahim/Global News Peterborough

The United Way Peterborough and District aims to bring in $1.75 million during its annual fundraising campaign.

On Wednesday morning at the Evinrude Centre, organizers unveiled placards with a campaign fundraising goal of $1.75 million — just over the $1.735 million raised during the 2018-19 campaign. The $1.735M was 94 per cent of the targeted $1.85M.

All funds raised will support 46 organizations and programs in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

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United Way CEO and president Jim Russell says the organization is dedicated to honouring its current commitments to its partner organizations and programs it funds.

“That $1.75 million helps us to honour that commitment,” he said. “No other funder in the community gives five years to these agencies so people are relying on us to meet that hard goal.”

There is also a secondary goal in this year’s campaign – if the $1.75M is topped, additional funds raised would support “emerging” issues such as the city’s opioid crisis and homelessness. The United Way conducts a homeless count in the city each spring and recently released a report on Peterborough’s housing challenges.

“We really think it’s important to say we want to honour the current commitment and be in the position to do more,” he said.

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