Lost cat reunited with owner in Lindsay after extensive 18-month search

Cat returns home 18 months after going missing
The cat came back! A Lindsay woman is over the moon after being reunited with her tabby and year and a half after the cat went missing. Katrina Squazzin has the story.

A cat that went missing in the City of Kawartha Lakes more than 18 months ago has returned home.

According to the Kawartha Lakes Animal Wellness Society (KLAWS), Snooks went missing in late January 2018 after escaping out a door while furniture was being moved at the cat’s Elgin Street home in Lindsay.

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The society is familiar with Snooks since the female spayed tabby cat was formerly rescued, fostered for KLAWS and eventually adopted as part of the society’s 2015 bingo hall project in Lindsay.

“Her owner was devastated,” KLAWS wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday, describing the reaction to Snooks’ disappearance.

“(The owner) contacted KLAWS, and we ran our lost/found process. She searched everywhere for her, live trapping was initiated and every lead followed. She never gave up as she knew that Snooks was out there somewhere.”

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According to KLAWS, on Saturday, a person noticed Snooks hiding under a vehicle and posted a photo on social media. KLAWS says the owner – Justine Carroll – went to the area and called out the cat’s name.

“Snooks did the head roll and exposed her belly so that she could pick her up,” KLAWS wrote.

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KLAWS says Snooks is resting and will be seeing a vet as she is thin and requires a full checkup.

“But considering she has been outside for over a year and a half fending for herself, she looks good,” KLAWS said. “She has been trilling/purring ever since she got back home.”

Carroll tells Global News Peterborough that it was an emotional reconnection with the feline.

“She was laying on a chair outside and I approached her and said her name, she rolled over and started purring,” Carroll said on Tuesday. “I picked her up and fell to my knees and bawled. So overcome by emotion!'”

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Missing cat Snooks reunited with its owner in Lindsay after lost for 18 months
Missing cat Snooks reunited with its owner in Lindsay after lost for 18 months

Snooks visited the vet on Tuesday and Carroll says the cat received a good bill of health.

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“No health concerns, a little under weight (but) that will get better over time,” she said.

Carroll credits KLAWS for its efforts to help find Snooks and other pets.

“Hope this gives hope to others,” she said.

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