Peterborough Humane Society impounded 585 dogs and cats in 2018: report

A total of 585 cats and dogs were impounded at the Peterborough Humane Society in 2018. Global Peterborough file

The Peterborough Humane Society impounded 585 dogs and cats last year, according to a report about enforcement and revenue that’s coming to Peterborough city council on Monday.

The report by Richard Freymond, city commissioner of corporate and legislative services, says the humane society impounded 157 dogs and 428 cats in 2018.

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Additionally, 38 other animals were impounded, including 19 animals considered wildlife (such as bats, pigeons, racoons, squirrels and turtles), five rabbits and 14 exotic animals.

Three muzzle orders were also issued. Muzzle orders occur when an animal control officer has reason to believe that a dog is a biting dog, the report notes.

Staff at the centre on Lansdowne Street East also received 744 animal-related complaints from the public last year. They included:

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  • 195 complaints about animal noise
  • 185 complaints of dogs roaming at large
  • 165 complaints of cats roaming at large
  • 79 complaints of dogs biting or attacking
  • 51 complaints about prohibited animals (such as ducks, geese, chickens, pigeons, poisonous or venomous animals)
  • 69 complaints of animal excrement

Staff issued 32 bylaw charges for the year, including having a dog at large, noise offences, permitting a dog to bite or attack, failure to obtain a licence for a dog and keeping more than three dogs at a residence, noted the report.

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In 2018, the shelter issued 4,288 dog licences and 1,111 cat licences. The licensing generated $100,170 for dogs and $31,200 for cats.

The report says animal impound fees totalled $11,069 and that the humane society collected $11,134 for surrendered animals. There were no destruction and disposal fees last year.

The humane society collected $153,672 in revenue for the year.

City council will discuss the report at its general committee meeting beginning at 6 p.m. at city hall.

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