Mike’s Monday Outlook: Temperatures continue to climb for Manitoba

Roseisle, Manitoba.
Roseisle, Manitoba. Submitted by: Brenda Thompson-Rousset

The melt is on around Winnipeg and across southern Manitoba. Starting last Sunday, March 17, temperatures have been on a steady upward trend. This Sunday and Monday have been a brief step back, but the climb should continue for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Saturday was the warmest day of 2019 so far at 6.7 C. Tuesday will be close to this and Wednesday looks like it will top it.

Part of the reason for the warmer temperatures is due to the slow but steady disappearance of snow around southern Manitoba.


NASA satellite imagery from March 23, 2019.
NASA satellite imagery from March 23, 2019. NASA

In southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, the lack of snow has helped temperatures warm up more than ourselves in southern Manitoba. As the snow disappears, the ground is able to absorb more solar radiation to warm up the environment. The snow reflects solar radiation much more than the darker surfaces, so as more bare ground is exposed, temperatures around southern Manitoba will be able to climb higher.

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Tuesday and Wednesday will not be quite as sunny as most of the days this month. So far, only two days have registered any precipitation (0.8 cm of snow in total). It will stay dry this week even with low pressure moving in and the chance of some flurries or showers.

As of Monday, precipitation amounts may total another millimetre of rain and less than a centimetre of snow by the end of the week, so a dry and slow melt will be on tap for southern Manitoba once again this week.

Winnipeg’s 5 day forecast for the week of March 25, 2019.
Winnipeg’s 5 day forecast for the week of March 25, 2019. Global News