Couple rents 45 hotel rooms to get Oregon’s homeless out of cold

Oregon couple rents 45 hotel rooms to keep homeless out of cold
WATCH ABOVE: Amberly Batten and her husband have been applauded for renting an entire hotel for Oregon's homeless.

Amberly Batten received a massive, tearful hug Tuesday when she paid for a whopping 45 hotel rooms for Oregon’s homeless in the midst of winter.

“A couple came in and paid for 45 hotel rooms and it makes me cry,” Compassion Highway Project founder Melissa Mayne told KOBI. “We have an awesome community and that’ll save lives tonight,” Mayne said.

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Batten and her husband, Ryan, say they were inspired by the CHP’s recent Facebook post asking for assistance filling a Medford hotel. Americas Best Value Inn in Medford had offered the charity a discounted rate of, ironically, US$45 per room. That’s around C$60.

“I had seen some posts about some people who were homeless that were contemplating suicide because they were cold and didn’t have anywhere to go and that hit something in my core, I had to do something,” Batten told KOBI.

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Eight-year-old Osiris Lewis and his Dad were one of the Batten’s beneficiaries. The youngster explained to NBC why waking up the next morning would be extra special.

“The reason why is because it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’d like to not spend my birthday in a vehicle. I’d like to be in a room,” the child explained.

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Fifty-two pizzas also filled the bellies of those staying at the hotel, thanks to the local Joy Riders club.

For anyone interested in learning more about the Compassion Highway Project, you can visit the organization’s website or donate via PayPal.

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