Drug bust in Wolseley turns up cocaine, magic mushrooms, loaded shotgun

FILE: A bag of magic mushrooms is shown in this file photo.
FILE: A bag of magic mushrooms is shown in this file photo.

A drug bust in Wolseley has turned up hundreds of dollars worth of cocaine, magic mushrooms, and a shotgun.

Winnipeg police say they began an investigation into cocaine trafficking and illegal firearms possession on November 7.

Shortly afterwards, they obtained search warrants for a residence in the 700 block of Wolseley Ave.

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On November 9, police say they found and arrested the person living at the Wolseley address on St. Mary Ave.

A search at the time turned up approximately $50 worth of cocaine.

That same day, police searched the home on Wolseley and found $850 worth of cocaine, $375 of magic mushrooms, and a loaded shotgun and ammunition.

Xavier Andris Rattie, 20, of Winnipeg faces several trafficking and firearms charges.

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He was detained in custody.



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