NDG residents say they are sick of rodents, waste taking over their streets

Click to play video: 'NDG overrun with rats?'
NDG overrun with rats?
Mon, Jul 30: The number of rat sightings in Notre-Dame-de-Grace has some wondering if the rats are taking over. As Global's Cora MacDonald reports, residents are hoping to be rid of them along with the waste that's been luring them in – Jul 30, 2018

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) residents on Bessborough Avenue say they are fed up with living in what they allege has become a wasteland.

Demitra Vlitas, who has been living there for last 42 years, said she doesn’t understand why the city has not stepped in to help.

She added furiously that in the last year, things have rapidly taken a turn for the worst.

“Today, we have this humongous smell — like a vomit — going through the street.”

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Thanks to the city’s waste management system, residents say the garbage and recycling pickup in NDG has been sparse, leaving them with overflowing bins of debris that are attracting unwanted smells and visitors alike.

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One local resident told Global News the trash that’s being picked up is leaking from the trucks and rats are following the trail of liquid garbage down the street.

Another resident said they’ve been regularly visited by raccoons who seem to have no fear of them or their neighbors, while another mentioned seeing an influx of groundhogs.

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Bonnie Soutar, director of development at the NDG food depot, said that while she hasn’t seen any rodents, she reached out to the city for help with her overflowing receptacle and was told things would get better by the end of August.

Global News reached out to the city as well, but had yet to hear back by press time.

In the meantime, NDGers hope things will get cleaned up, relieving them of the rodents and waste sooner rather than later.

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