Teen robs family with kitchen knife: Kingston police

A Kingston teen was arrested on Friday for allegedly stealing from a family and threatening them with a large kitchen knife. The Canadian Press / File

A 15-year-old Kingston teen was charged on Friday evening after he allegedly robbed a family at knife-point, Kingston police say.

According to police, the family came into contact with the teen through an online sales ad for a cellphone.

The family drove to the teen’s apartment building, where he instructed them to meet him in the back parking lot. Around 5:15 p.m., police say the teen met them downstairs, and once the cellphone exchanged hands, he began brandishing a large kitchen knife.

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Police say the teen then allegedly held the knife against the chest of a woman in the car, causing the children in the back seat to begin screaming and crying while the teen demanded they give back the cellphone. He then allegedly ran back to his apartment with the cellphone and cash, and the family fled in their vehicle.

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Police say officers arrived at the scene and quickly arrested the teen.

The 15-year-old Kingston youth was charged with robbery, possession of a weapon for committing an offence, two counts of breach recognizance and two counts of breach probation.

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