Senior hit with $24,000 bill after propane company allegedly destroys driveway

Click to play video: 'Senior hit with 24-thousand dollar bill after propane company destroys driveway' Senior hit with 24-thousand dollar bill after propane company destroys driveway
A Superior Propane delivery truck allegedly tore up a portion of a Charleston Village residents driveway and wont pay for the damages – Jul 25, 2018

A Charleston Village senior has been searching for answers for over four months.

Gail Hanton says she has been purchasing propane from Superior Propane for many years, and on March 30th, 2018, she was surprised to see a large delivery truck driving up her long winding driveway to deliver her propane.

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Next thing Hanton saw was the driver stop halfway up the driveway and jump out to observe something, which, Hanton says, led her to think he was having truck issues.

Shortly after, Hanton heard a knock on the door from the delivery driver, and he explained that the pavement on the driveway had been torn up by the weight of the delivery truck, and then jumped back into the cab and drove away, leaving Hanton with a path to her home that was suddenly impassible by car.

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“Anybody who came to visit had to walk in until I got the two estimates, and then Bryan [Hanton’s nephew] moved the broken pavement to the side of the driveway and smoothed it over,” said Hanton.

Numerous attempts have been made to contact Superior Propane over the months, said Hanton, but all she could receive was one verbal statement outlining that they would pay $8,000, even though Hanton says she explained to Superior that estimates were around $24,000 dollars.

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CKWS made multiple attempts to contact Superior Propane for a comment, but has yet to receive a response.

Hanton is now asking Superior to pay half of the estimates, which would be around $12,000, but if they continue to be silent, Hanton says she will be left with the entire bill once autumn arrives.

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