Medpoint Health Care Centre unveils head office in London’s West 5 neighbourhood

The new head office will sit inside the second floor of the Sifton Centre at the corner of Oxford Road and Riverbend Road. Andrew Graham / 980 CFPL

One of Canada’s fastest growing executive health care centres has moved its head office to the new Sifton Centre. The centre sits at the corner of Oxford Road and Riverbend Road, in London’s new West 5 neighbourhood.

Medpoint Health Care unveiled the office during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday afternoon, which featured Mayor Matt Brown, Sifton Properties president Richard Sifton, and Medpoint’s president Alex Hanham.

Hanham told 980 CFPL that he and the rest of Medpoint are excited to now be a part of West 5, a neighbourhood that Sifton Properties will develop over the next 10 years.

“We’re actually in a building that makes energy and that’s what Medpoint is all about,” said Hanham.

Sifton Centre, along with all buildings planned for the developing neighbourhood, will use a number of energy-efficient technologies to produce all the energy it uses. Current plans have West 5 set to become Ontario’s first community with zero net energy consumption.

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“It’s a wonderful part of town, we’re really excited to see the growth… West 5 is going to be an unbelievable part of London. I don’t think anyone’s really noticed how great it is yet.”

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Medpoint’s head office move from London’s Citi Plaza to the Sifton Centre was done out of necessity.

“We’ve really outgrown our current locations,” added Hanham. “Medpoint has grown from one doctor to 29 doctors in the last 11 years, and we’re continuing to grow.”

Along with a new building, the head office at the Sifton Centre also provides an extra location for clients.

“We still have our downtown location for our clients… it essentially gives them another option to reach health care.”

A few glimpses of the office's interior. Andrew Graham / 980 CFPL
A few glimpses of the office's interior. Andrew Graham / 980 CFPL
A few glimpses of the office's interior. Andrew Graham / 980 CFPL
A few glimpses of the office's interior. Andrew Graham / 980 CFPL

President of Sifton Properties, Richard Sifton, said Medpoint’s new head office and the new Sifton Centre are just the beginning of his company’s development for West 5.

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“We have the Oak West Animal Clinic built, the office buildings are under construction, our ten-storey apartment building is underway, and townhouses are being built and occupied.”

Sifton’s comments only cover a fraction of what’s to come for the neighbourhood that will span more than 70 acres. Future development will see parks, a multi-use nature trail, boutique shops, pubs, restaurants and retirement residences.

Hanham reiterated that while the new facility will bring a lot of support to his staff, the strength of Medpoint still lies in the people it employs.

Medpoint is now accepting clients at its new head office, along with its locations in Byron, London’s Citi Plaza and Tillsonburg.

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