City of Regina can begin process to fill hole at Capital Pointe

On May 25, the City of Regina announced the green light has been given to fill the hole at Capital Pointe. Derek Putz/Global News

Although the City has yet to confirm when the process will begin, the door is now open to begin filling the hole at Capital Pointe.

Saskatchewan’s building and accessibility standards appeal board will still hear the appeal by Westgate developments, but won’t issue a “stay” on the order.

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In the hearing last week, the board heard the developer hasn’t worked on the site since August, and an engineering company said while it is not “unsafe,” the work isn’t up to their standards.

Filling the hole won’t happen quickly. The City of Regina said it will take 17 weeks and 53,000 cubic meters of dirt to fill the 17-meter deep hole.

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An appeal date has been set for June 18.