Puppies rescued from abandoned car were among 44 dogs brought to Calgary animal group this week

A photo of a puppy recently rescued and brought to Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. Global Calgary

Four puppies, all just a few weeks old, were recently found using an abandoned car for shelter in central Alberta.

Two adult dogs were with them — injured by quills from a porcupine.

The dog believed to be the puppies’ mother was emaciated, her ribs seen clear as day through her coat of fur.

The pack of six was rescued and brought to Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) a few days ago. They were six of 44 dogs brought in to the non-profit rescue group just this week.

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Now, AARCS is reaching out for help finding people to open their hearts and homes to foster the animals.

“We’re just looking for people that are willing to bring an animal into their home [and] treat them as their own family pet until we can find them a new adoptive home,” AARCS’ executive director Deanna Thompson said.

“Really, there’s no better feeling than saving a life. Our foster homes do just that. We can’t operate without them.”

All but one kennel is full at the non-profit’s shelter. Unfortunately, while 44 dogs in a week seems like a high number, more often than not, the shelter is close to capacity. The group takes in between 100 to 130 dogs every month.

Thompson said AARCS foots the entire bill for fostering. It pays for food, dishes and any medical supplies.

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It also has about 50 cats looking to be fostered out as well.

If you’d like to learn more or help foster any of the animals, you can contact AARCS here.

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