‘Fearless’ Iranian women with fake beards and wigs defy soccer ban 

WATCH: A group of women in Iran have worn fake facial hair and dressed as men in order to watch a soccer match.

A group of women in Tehran, Iran, disguised themselves as men to support their soccer team — revealing the length they went through just to attend a match.

The young women disguised themselves with fake beards and wigs so they could watch their team, Persepolis, play against Sepidrood at the Azadi Stadium.

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Images and video of the women at the game were widely shared online, with people commemorating the women for their act of bravery.

“I am very proud of them and impressed that they can be so fearless, because it is a huge risk that they do that,” Melody Safavi, Iranian women’s rights activist and singer, told Reuters.

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There is no official law that bans women from going to public sporting events in Iran, but several women have been arrested for attempting to do so. The unofficial ban came after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

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Just last March, 35 women were detained for going to a soccer match. Officials said they were temporarily held and released after the game.