RCMP Cram the Police Cruiser for the Central Okanagan Community Food Bank

The back seat of a police vehicle has never looked more inviting.

On Saturday, Kelowna RCMP released a new most wanted list, asking customers of the Real Canadian Superstore to scour the shelves for non-perishable goods that have been put on sale. They want those necessities crammed into the police SUV for the Central Okanagan Food Bank.

“We are trying to not only cram the cruiser but actually bury it,” Const. Robyn Boffy said at her third Cram the Cruiser event. “It’s awesome. Throughout the afternoon we will see it get covered and it ends up going so fast and it’s so great to see community giving back to other community members.”

Canadian Superstore has put many of the list’s items on sale, helping customers to stretch their dollar and donate more.

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“It’s a part of the bigger picture for us because we want to feed this community and this country,” said Steve MacNeil, assistant manager at Superstore in Kelowna.

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For parents, the event became a teaching moment for the next generation to learn about the food bank and what it does.

“[It’s important] for him to learn when he’s older. Growing up with a single mom it was hard. I understand what people go through and I want him to learn to appreciate it,” said one of the donors as her young son delivered cans of tomato soup.

While accepting donations Const. Boffy has also been fielding several questions today about Paw Patrol and if she knows Chase. For inquiring minds the answer is yes she does.

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The list of donations being looked for are:
-Canned beans, fruit and vegetables
-Canned meat and fish
-Canned meals and soup
-Granola bars
-Pasta and sauce
-Peanut butter
-Healthy cereal
-Baby basics


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